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Juicing For Weight Loss – My Journey

Juicing For Weight Loss

I decided to document my weight loss today. My thinking is maybe I can get motivation from the web community. I have tried several weight loss schemes and products only to gain the weight again. Right now I’m sitting at 258lbs and if i don’t do something now I can see myself reaching 300lbs.

This attempt I will be trying the juicing for weight loss program. This is not a program I read anywhere; it’s a program I made up myself from all of the weight loss failures I had. The only thing I’m changing now is I have to adapt the program as a life style and I need your help.

Please comment and let me know your failures and successes as I document mine. We can help each other reach our weight loss goal.

My motivation was from this mom who sparked something inside of me

No Excuses

So today is my first day and you can say I have had my last junk supper. Mc Donald’s Pop Tart and chocolate chip cookies washed down with orange Hi C. This was just and lunch. I do plan on juicing for dinner.

Now don’t get me wrong I know I can’t loose weight eating like this. It will be my last day eating like this. I do plan on documenting what I eat and the juicing that I do all in video.

I look forward to seeing your comments thanks.

Week 1 completed

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